About Us


Our Brand - Sheng Ramen

With years of experience cooking, our chef is determined to present their vision to you and all our guests. This is not just Asian food. Our ramen is satisfying yet healthy; simple yet delicious; fresh yet reasonably priced. We are not striving to the lowest-priced restaurant. We are aiming to be a valued leader in the community.  


The Birth of Sheng Ramen

Our Founder Mr.Xu Guosheng invented the signature 'Mala' beef broth when his kids were craving for food at the midnight. Just like any other parents, he went straight to the fridge and used whatever he could find to cook. At that moment he suddenly thought of the extra soup that he brought home while he was finishing up the work in one of his well-known restaurants. "Why not make use of it, he thought." Adding fresh beef slices and vegetables to this s[icy 'Mala' broth,    it creates a clean but exquisite flavor. The way the ingredients interact and harmonize is what creates a truly exceptional bowl of ramen. This is how Sheng Ramen was born.


International Franchise Brand

Sheng Ramen is an international franchise. We currently have locations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Macau, New York, Pittsburgh (about to begin) , Seattle.